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Dear Parents,As we are all aware, life has changed in the past few days in ways we never imagined. There is no mistaking that we have entered a new “norm”, but I am happy to say that the spirit and heart of the community is stronger than ever. 

On behalf of the VAFC I have been in consistent contact with our Administration and Mother Susan. The Sisters are doing well and I reassured them that the School may be operating remotely, but the VA community will be there for them as always. I assured Mother that the VAFC will be making periodic visits to bring groceries or other needs to the Sisters in the coming weeks.

As a Bay Ridge business owner I can report that our community is strong, vibrant, and resilient.  There are some great ways to support the small businesses in our community that do not require you to leave your home; order delivery, buy a gift card, give a five star review, share a Facebook post, even positive word of mouth will help to sustain our community. 

Anything we can do to help our community survive these unprecedented times will benefit us as a whole and is genuinely appreciated. Let them know you are a VA parent and you support them during these unprecedented times. 

In the coming weeks ahead please continue to share resources, educational ideas, friendship, and helping hands. In the spirit of St. Francis De Sales lets remember to keep our optimism and hope for the future and be kind to each other.

If there is anything you or your family may need help with please  reach out to me directly. If you know of someone who may need assistance, we may be able to help. Send a text or email me directly at 917-363-2732 or

Finally, here are some links that my family and I have found useful; feel free to share with yours. If you have some useful tips or guides you would like to share with the VA community, please forward to me and I would be happy to pass it along. As always we are in this together.

Louis Coluccio

Child Mind– Talking to Your Child about Coronavirus

Common Sense Media Recommendations for Entertainment, Home Learning and Stress Management

Questions? Have an idea for an VAFC Event? Contact the VAFC


Christmas Tree Order Form 2019 (3)

     The Visitation Academy Father’s Club is a tradition of Visitation Academy for over three decades.  It is a volunteer organization that works directly with the Board of Trustees, Administration, Mother’s Club, and the Sisters of Visitation to promote the spiritual, intellectual, and cultural quality of life for the student body. 

      The goal of the V.A.F.C. is to support the Academic community through fundraising and peer building activities that highlight the Academy’s Mission Statement; to empower our students to be morally responsible women of faith, vision, and purpose. 

     V.A.F.C. is a not for profit 501c and 100% of net proceeds raised returns directly to the Academy.  

     Participation and support are crucial to the success of the Fathers Club. In the past the V.A.F.C. has been responsible for School renovations, upgrades, and enhancements that are still apart of campus life today. To volunteer please email us your interest. Volunteer efforts can be as dedicated as you like. 

     The Fathers Club organizes and host several key events, most notably The Advent Tree Lighting and Field Day. Held every December, The Advent Tree Lighting is a Bay Ridge event founded by Larry Moorish and supported by Maimonides Hospital.



     At the end of every school year the Fathers Club also host Field Day on the campus. This is a family event held on the Academy’s private campus. It is attended by the student body, alumni, faculty, parents and families, as well as the Sisters of Visitation. Field Day brings together the entire school community to celebrate the end of the school year. The Fathers Club is also responsible for afterschool sports and recreational activities. 




Ragamuffin Parade Walk 

 Calendar of Events 

Welcome Dinner 9/19/2019 

Ragamuffin Parade Walk and Lunch 9/28/2019 

Thanksgiving Family Dinner 11/7/2019 

Christmas Dinner 12/12/2019 

Advent Mass 12/15/2019 

Father Daughter Event Mass and Social 2/9/2020 

Family Ice skating 3/7/2020 

Field Day 6/7/2020 



2019-2020 Board Members 

President Louis Coluccio 

Vice President Marc Sorrano 

Vice President Dr. George Shahin 

Treasurer Dr. George Shahin 

CO-Treasurer Bill Bradley 

Athletics Michael Dirienzo 

Past President Robert Lechner 

Honorary Board Member Dr. John Celona 

Honorary Board Member Mr. Tom Delorenzo 

Questions? Email the Fathers Club