Dress Code

Uniforms may be purchased from ​Flynn & O’Hara or Land’s End.

Flynn & O’Hara Phone: Call 800-441-4122

  1. Online: Go to landsend.com/school and create or sign in to your account. Include your student and school information in My Account (or find your School using the Preferred School Number Search: 900078916).
  2. Shop via the direct link:https://www.landsend.com/pp/SchoolSearch.html?action=landing&selectedSchoolNum=900078916
  3. Phone: Call 1-800-469-2222 and reference your student’s Preferred School Number 900078916, grade level and gender. Our team of consultants are available 24/7 for assistance.
  4. In-Store: Visit your local Lands’ End store. Associates can help you with sizing information and you can place your Preferred School order online via the store kiosk. Please note, Lands’ End stores may have a limited product assortment (no logo’d merchandise is available in the store).
  5. Lands’ End Store 2655 Richmond Store  #1510 Staten Island, NY  10314 (917) 636-402

Land’s End: Preferred School Number 900078916

Dress Code/Uniform 

Spring/Fall Uniform – Sept. – Oct.;  May – June 

First day of school to October 31st 

First Monday in May (May 2, 2022) to last day of school – unless otherwise notified.  

Grades Nursery – 4    

  • Nursery & Pre-K – Navy Polo Dress 
  • Kindergarten – Grade 4 – Tan Jumper 
  • Socks – white knee socks 
  • Shoes – navy shoes, navy/black soles, navy lace

Grades 5 – 8  

  • Tan Skirt 
  • Blouse – white, short sleeve golf shirt/blouse
  • Socks – white knee socks
  • Sweater – navy with emblem
  • Shoes –navy shoes, navy/black soles, navy laces

Winter Uniform – Nov. 1st – April 30th

Coats – Solid Navy Coats and Jackets 

Worn November 1st to April 30th – unless otherwise notified. 

Nursery – 4 

  • Jumper – navy with emblem 
  • Blouse – white, peter-pan collar
  • Sweater – navy with emblem 
  • Socks – navy knee socks or tights 
  • Shoes –navy shoes, navy/black soles, navy laces

Grades 5 – 8 

  • Skirt – navy skirt with pleats
  • navy shoes, navy/black soles, navy laces
  • Opaque navy pantyhose or tights 
  • Socks – navy knee socks 
  • Sweater – navy with emblem 
  • Shoes – navy shoes, navy/black soles, navy laces

Gym Wear 

Grades PreK – 8 

  • Visitation Navy t-shirt Visitation Navy sweatshirt Navy sweatpants*REQUIRED on Gym – Winter Uniform,
  • Navy shorts*UNDER UNIFORM SKIRT/Jumper  – Summer Uniform. 
  • Athletic white sneakers are to be worn for gym only.
  • Note: The Gym uniform is worn to school only on Gym days. 
  • Shorts are worn under uniform skirt and may not be worn to school as a school uniform.
  • No outside Logos on any school clothing


School Regulations

  1. Girls are not allowed to wear makeup, long nails, nail
    tips, wraps, or extensions.
  2. Only small stud earrings, watches, and religious medals are allowed.
    No cartilage or double piercing is allowed.
  3. Only solid navy  jackets or coats are allowed. (No outside Logos on any school clothing)
  4. Book Bags:Traditional backpacks may be any color.
    Luggage-type bags, including those on wheels are dangerous.
  5. Gum, candy, toys, purses, pocketbooks and glass bottles are not allowed.
  6. Navy Blue or White hair bows or bands.