Lower School

Visitation Academy provides a safe and positive environment for the girls. Small class size allows the faculty to meet the needs of each girl. Our challenging learning environment provides exceptional opportunities for the girls to grow and develop.  We value  a respect for others and an appreciation of diversity in all things

The Lower School Program at Visitation Academy follows the standards and guidelines set  by the New York State Department of Education for English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science. Hands-on learning experiences provide students with the opportunities to explore the curriculum and to deepen their understanding of subject content.

All students take French, Music, and Art with specialists in these fields. Physical Education takes place either in the gym or on the outdoor field which is part of the 7.5 acre campus. The Religion program is rooted in Salesian tradition and gospel values.

Reading and writing take place in all subject areas. Students in the Lower School read from a variety of literary genres. The writing process progresses throughout the Lower School. Students learn to work independently as well as part of a collaborative group. Individual accountability is encouraged for all students. Rubric based grading which includes classwork, homework and projects give students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways.  Technology is integrated into the curriculum.

The Sadlier We Believe program is used for religion.  The We Believe program helps the students, learn, celebrate, share, and live their Catholic faith.  The Diocesan Child Lures Safety Program  is also part of our religion program.

After School Enrichment Program includes Girl Scouts and STEAM Club.