Three Year Old Program

Pre-3 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn – Visitation Academy Nursery Program

Language and Communication Skills

These skills are attained through a story each day. Acting out a story or making puppets to re-enact the story offers children the opportunity to use new vocabulary and verbal skills.

​Social and Practical Life Skills

Children learn to interact with their class and school community. Snack time fosters the child’s growth in good manners towards others, in sharing, and the development of conversational skills.

​Reasoning and Thinking Skills

These skills are taught through various inter-active projects. A cooking experience engages the children by following a simple recipe, organizing the ingredients, and using dry and liquid measurement, all with an edible result.

Physical Development

Fine motor skills are practices daily through pasting, painting, drawing, cutting, and musical finger plays. Outdoor play allows the children to explore nature and expand their imagination. Gross motor development happens while running, jumping, climbing, and enjoying a variety of outdoor games.

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