Four Year Old Program


Language and Communication Skills

In the four-year-old program, children build on prior knowledge and experiences. They are surrounded by an authentic literature-based print-rich environment where free exploration of books is encouraged and the connection of words to meaning is introduced. Learning experiences include retelling of a story in sequence, the use of finger play and song, puppets and dramatization. Children also have the opportunity to dictate their original stories and to see how their words appear on paper. Furthermore, the formation of Pre-writing strokes is explored as is following multi-step directions.

​Social and Practical Life Skills

Children engage in age-appropriate behavior among one another through the use of verbal skills, cooperative learning, and play. Independence is promoted through self-made choices, decisions, and opportunities. Conflict resolution and self-control of feelings and emotions is encouraged through the use of verbal skills. The beginning stages of critical thinking and problem solving are explored. Children also learn about responsibility and respect for the school, classroom, others, and themselves.

​Reasoning and Thinking Skills

Children learn science and mathematical concepts by observing the environment and manipulating objects through hands-on experiences. Opportunities for exploration, observation, and conversation of concrete experiences are given. Mathematical concepts explored are patterns, estimation, measurement, whole numbers to 10, sorting and classification. Science concepts explored are physical properties of objects, body awareness, life cycles, comparison and contrasting.

Physical Development

Fine motor skills are explored through a variety of mediums such as cutting, finger painting, play dough, finger plays, and opening snacks and lunch bags. Gross motor skills are explored to obtain a sense of body space. Development is enhanced through use of the playground, field play, stair climbing, block play, and musical instruments. Indoor and outdoor play provide a critical role in children understanding how they relate to the world.

Welcome Wednesdays

Campus tours for prospective students and their parents are available every Wednesday, by appointment.

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