Kindergarten in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn – Visitation Academy

Language and Communication Skills

In the five-year-old program, children develop a deeper connection to literature through a print-rich environment where they progress from recognition of letters and sounds to reading and writing the printed word. Through phonemic awareness activities, students become more familiar with the mechanics of the sounds within our spoken and written language. Daily activities involve singing songs, putting ideas down in print, using a word wall to build vocabulary skills, and reading for a balanced literacy program.

​Social and Practical Life Skills

Children engage in age-appropriate behavior among one another through the use of verbal skills, cooperative learning, and play. Independence is promoted through self-made choices, decisions, and opportunities. Conflict resolution and self-control of feelings and emotions is encouraged through the use of verbal skills. The beginning stages of critical thinking and problem solving are explored. Children also learn about responsibility and respect for the school, classroom, others, and themselves.

​Reasoning and Thinking Skills

Children learn science and mathematical concepts by observing the environment and manipulating objects through hands-on experiences. Opportunities for exploration, observation, and conversation of concrete experiences are given. Mathematical concepts explored are patterns, estimation, measurement, whole numbers to 10, sorting and classification. Science concepts explored are physical properties of objects, body awareness, life cycles, comparison and contrasting.

Physical Development

Fine motor skills are practiced daily through coloring, drawing, cutting, pasting, and writing. Correct letter formation and spacing between words is reinforced in writing activities. The use of manipulatives in math and science activities also helps develop fine motor coordination.

Each day, children go outside to enjoy a variety of outdoor games. Children also participate in a weekly physical education class.