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At Home Activities

Dear Parents,

The following plans are intended to serve as a transition from summer leisure to a school routine. Plans prepared for the weeks of August 17 and 24th focus on themed activities for different subject areas. While the activities follow the same theme, they can be completed in isolation. Your child can pick and choose from activities based on their interests.

Plans prepared for the week of September 3rd are designed not only to prepare your child for academic activities as the school year starts but also to prepare them for returning to a school setting that looks different than it did. Activities focus on addressing changes in the school, guidelines for students to follow, and feelings students might have about this new school year. As your child engages in the activities, pay particular attention to their reactions. It is important to be available to talk to your child about any concerns or stresses they might have coming into this new school year and to frame the conversation in a positive way. Validate your child’s concerns and worries but also present them with information and positivity to help their thinking. For example, your child may be concerned about wearing a mask. You can agree that wearing a mask can be challenging but then follow up with why masks are important and fun things you can do even with a mask on.

The following link provides resources for parents to help prepare their child to go back to school as well as identify potential stressors, how to talk to your child, and how to provide mental health support for your family during this difficult time.

There are also many e-books available for free to download or to read online with your child. These books address information about COVID-19, staying at home, and feelings one might have about the pandemic

During this time, both children and parents are undoubtedly feeling the strain from the uncertainties of COVID-19. We must continue to stay positive, put our trust in God, and work to make our schools the safest places for our children. We are looking forward to opening our doors and finally being able to greet (from 6 feet away, of course) our students and families.


N-PK End of Summer Plans

K-1 End of Summer Plans

Gr. 2-3 End of Summer Plans

Gr. 4-5 End of Summer Plans (1)

Art Activity for all students – adapted from School Arts

Art making is designed to create purposeful experiences; the creative process helps artists with their imagination and self-esteem. The process of creating art should happen without judgment.
In today’s stressful environment, when students are out of the school building, students need ways to help them stay calm. Focusing on one’s breath is one way to practice mindfulness. Deep breathing can have a positive impact on how people feel and decrease feelings of stress.
Have students draw their breath – focusing on inhaling and exhaling.
Students can use pencil or black crayon on white paper. When ready, the student should close her eyes and sit silently in order to become aware of her breath. When ready, the student should begin to draw her breath (with closed eyes) paying attention to how the breath feels and translating this onto paper – thick lines, thin lines, short strokes, swirls, etc.
Try this exercise for 3 minutes.

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