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Once a week after school, 7th and 8th grade students prepare for and stage debates. We run a Double-Debate Day every 3 – 4 weeks. Debaters actively seek information, form opinions, and organize team strategy. Debates cover current, often controversial topics in a safe, structured atmosphere. Club members choose debate topics and determine the parameters to be debated. Debaters compete on 3-person teams; each team member speaks for a designated period. She may field points of information from the opposing team during which she will think quickly on her feet and rebut to maintain control of her speaking time and the direction of her argument, building such intangible skills as civility, poise, and self-confidence. 

Students research their topic using the internet, and in the process gain sophisticated media literacy. They learn how to listen critically so that they can respond effectively. Argumentation skills grow while public speaking confidence builds increasingly strong oral literacy. 

Debaters take their skills to high school, and fold them into improved reading, research and writing skills, especially in the areas of persuasion and argumentation.  

Debaters engage with current events, and show evident enjoyment during meetings while researching serious, important topics. Debate Days are highlights of the cycle. 

Visitation Academy Debate Club 

I Debate Like a Girl So Try and Keep Up